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Registered guide needed to manage lodge and hunting operations. $30,000 sign-on bonus plus guide wages & salary. Lodging, transportation, meals, etc. included. Call John at 907-331-8045.



Experienced mountain goat and brown bear guide with 10+ years, seeking work beginning October 1st. Contact Mike Petersen at, reference available.



My name is Dilan Bollmann and I am looking to get a job in something to do with hunting or fishing or something to do with it. I realize that I can't be a guide right away as I do not have experience doing it. I have gained a set of skills from hunting for myself and working hard. I have put myself in situations where I have to make split decisions to kill the animal that I am hunting or just to help me to be safe. I have also learned a lot about big game animal behaviors that help me to understand what may happen next. I am a single 24 years old and am very fit and strong, with a ton of drive and discipline. If you are looking for someone to fill a position for something in the summer or during hunting season I do believe that I could be your man. If you would like to get in touch with me my number is 636-359-7277 or you can email me at

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