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APHA - Fequently Asked Questions

Q: What It Is the Hunting Preservation Fund?

A: The Alaska Professional Hunters Association Inc. established the Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund in 2004 to help ensure that non-resident hunters will continue to have hunting opportunities in Alaska. Anti hunting sentiment, public land access, hunting privileges, subsistence, reduced hunting seasons, restrictive regulations, predator-prey ratios and ballot initiatives are all challenges that are facts of life for hunters today. This is especially true for the non-resident hunters.

Since 1973 APHA has been a leading organization in Alaska guarding the continual flow of regulatory restrictions on hunting and public land access being attempted by anti sport-hunting groups or government agencies. APHA provides full time representation in Washington DC and Juneau, is a active and respected participant in Alaska Board of Game process, initiates predator harvest fee programs, and continually is at the forefront of avocation demanding management of our wildlife for balance and abundance. The APHA role in this arena is vital to all hunting opportunity and access rights on public lands throughout the US. We can no longer have only a reactive position to the continual stream of challenges being presented to us. It is past time to become proactive. Our goal is to continue to create conservation partnerships, help with scientific needs, challenge policies that continue to take away our hunting and access rights and to preserve and enhance quality wilderness hunting opportunities in Alaska.

Professional members of the APHA support industry and resource stewardship efforts through their annual membership dues. In addition, the APHA receives support funding from numerous sportsman and conservation organizations. These important traditional funding sources do not meet the needs for APHA to be successful with the present and future challenges we are faced with.

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