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Stone Cold Sheep Hunt Raffle
Alaska Professional Hunters Association - Stone Cold Sheep Hunt Raffle


The British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt is guided by Prophet Muskwa Outfitters who have a long history of providing top quality stone sheep hunts with unparalleled success rates and quality. No other outfit averages the base size and overall score of the Prophet Muskwa Rams. Not only do the hunters get great food and accommodations with superior guides who have been hunting in the area for decades, but they also get to relax at one of the most tranquil spa’s in the world. The Phophet Muskwa’s main lodge is Elisi Spa and Wilderness Resort at Sleeping Chief. These are in the same mountains as the famous Chadwick Ram was taken and the Borduex trail went through. Great history and great sheep!

This hunt is valued at $59,010! Hunt may be taken in 2020 or 2021.

This raffle is a joint venture of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia and the Alaska Professional Hunters Association.

Alaska Professional Hunters Association
Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

For more information please contact the APHA office at 907-929-0619.

Drawing to be held at the APHA Annual Banquet on 12/6/19

$250.00 Per Ticket

Only 500 tickets will be sold!

For ticket purchase call 907-929-0619

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